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The Bugler® Family: Three Unique Blends
Bugler® Original
The blend that started it all in 1932 remains America's best selling roll-your-own brand. A perfect balance of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, its rich taste delivers an uncompromised smoking experience that truly satisfies.
Bugler® Gold
The core components – Virginia, Burley and Oriental – are the same as Bugler Original. The key difference is that Bugler Gold has slightly less Burley and slightly more Virginia. The result is a mellower, sweeter smoke.
Bugler® Menthol
This blend is very close to the Bugler Original blends, complemented by a bold infusion of menthol flavoring.
Bugler smokers rate Bugler’s taste, satisfying flavor and quality of smoking experience 5 times higher than any other RYO brand.

(Source: 2013 Bugler Consumer Study)
Our Tobacco
It's All About The Leaf

Bugler’s quality is the result of a meticulous search for the finest tobacco leaves across four continents. The exact blend is of course a closely guarded secret, but we can share the details of the three kinds of tobacco leaves that are used to create Bugler. One is cured by heat, another by air, and another by the sun. They come together in precise proportions to make the perfect cigarette.

This is the heart of the blend. Virginia refers to a type of tobacco leaf rather than the state (it was actually first harvested in North Carolina in the 1600’s). It is also referred to as Flue Cured (a method of curing tobacco by heat without exposing it to smoke) and Bright Leaf (because of the distinct color after the leaves are cured).

Virginia has naturally high sugar content, making it somewhat sweeter than the other tobacco types in the blend.

Burley is genetically related to Virginia, but it’s smaller than its ancestor. It also contains very little natural sugars. While Virginia is cured with heat, Burley is cured with air for 4-8 weeks, resulting in a dark brown leaf. It is richer than Virginia, bolder, and has a somewhat nutty taste.

Blended in just the right amounts, Burley and Virginia’s unique properties can be the perfect complement to each other.

Also referred to as Turkish, this tobacco is a key part of Bugler’s distinct flavor. Grown in places like Cyprus, Southern Europe, and, yes, Turkey, Oriental tobacco is highly aromatic. In its raw form it smells a bit like tea. The small leaves are strung individually on thread and left to cure in the sun.

It is a mellower smoke than Virginia or Burley, and this, in addition to its unique flavor, helps to balance the blend.

How To Roll
Learn how to roll the perfect cigarette
88% of Bugler smokers buy our tobacco exclusively—regardless of competitor’s offers.

(Source: 2013 Bugler Consumer Study)
Our History
A Brief History Of Bugler®
Bugler® was first
introduced in 1932.
The country was just beginning to emerge from the depths of The Great Depression. Sacrifice and settling for less were the norms – but not with Bugler cigarette tobacco. We believed, and continue to believe, that hard working people deserve the highest quality smoking experience, without having to spend a fortune.
Bugler® is made with the finest tobacco leaves.
Bugler's rich, satisfying flavor meant consumers didn't have to settle at all. Bugler quickly became, and remains, America's #1 roll-your-own brand. Because only Bugler delivers the uncompromised smoking experience that truly satisfies.
You could say that America was founded on tobacco
John Rolfe first harvested tobacco in the Jamestown Colony in 1614. Without the success of this crop, America's first colony would not have survived.
The American Revolutionary War was financed by a loan from France, secured by Benjamin Franklin with the promise of 5 million pounds of tobacco.
When Washington, D.C. was rebuilt after the War of 1812, architects paid homage to the tobacco leaf in the U.S. Capitol Building and the White House. Both feature columns topped with marble-carved tobacco leaves.
In fact, 1932 was an important year in american history
80% of Bugler smokers have been purchasing our tobacco since they started smoking RYO cigarettes.

(Source: 2013 Bugler Consumer Study)
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Bugler sales outpace its closest competitor by more than 2 to 1.

(Source: Symphony IRI October, 2013)